SmartControl Concealed


Streamline your shower space with GROHE SmartControl Concealed, the sleek, intuitive system that lets you control your shower with a simple push-turn action. With its flat, streamlined design SmartControl Concealed offers precise control while being easy-to-clean, and it combines with a wide range of head and hand showers to give you all the design flexibility you need.

Experiencing SmartControl Concealed

GROHE SmartControl features at a glance

  • Slim design, overall outreach only 43 mm, all wall plates only 10 mm high
  • Perfect shower experience with GROHE SmartControl: push, turn, shower
  • All trims subsequently adjustable by up to 6° Retrofit back-flow protection combination for bath fill and overflow unit
  • Small plates, all trims only 158 mm square or in diameter
  • QuickFix System for force-fit fixation and hidden fixation and sealing
  • Available as a mixer and thermostat
  • 38 °C SafeStop Button (thermostat)
  • Thermostats come with optional 43 °C temperature limiter
  • All plates are metal made
  • Thermostat with GROHE TurboStat technology ensuring constant shower temperature for comfort and safety
  • Retrofit service stops

Varied design options

Everything about SmartControl Concealed is tailored to creating a great shower – even the aesthetics. It comes in two different shapes – round or square – and two different finishes – a chic chrome and a thoroughly modern moon white acrylic glass.

Find the right GROHE SmartControl Shower that will fit your needs.

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