Simple installation with safety features

The Grohtherm Special is available as both an exposed and concealed (behind the wall) shower valve:

  • Exposed: Shower only, Bath/Shower mixer and a wash basin with various sizes of spouts which include a laminar spray (no air).
  • Concealed: Shower, Bath/Shower, and central thermostat mixer.

GROHE really can recommend the use of a Special thermostat:

Private households:
with small children or elderly persons.

Public places:
care homes for elderly, hospitals, nursing homes, pre-school, and schools.

The GROHTHERM SPECIAL range provides constant water temperature control you can trust and which can be set to your needs.

The GROHTHERM SPECIAL meets the highest requirements for safety, e.g. in hospitals and care homes, it is recommended to set the temperature no higher than 38 ° c.

With the GROHTHERM SPECIAL thermostatic shower you can accurately set the required showering temperature.

The thermostat is equipped with a metal end stop, which prevents the temperature of the water from becoming unsafe for the user.