Discover all unique GROHE Spray Patterns

Enjoy Variety - Rejuvenation or Relaxation?

Create your personal hydrotherapy shower and use all the physical properties of water to create a new sensation every day. Large or extra large; fitted flush to the ceiling or wall mounted; GROHE head showers come in all shapes, styles and sizes – each one designed with your satisfaction and enjoyment in mind.

A gentle Rain spray for rinsing off soap or a body scrub, a focussed jet spray to help relax tense muscles or a soft and soothing Champagne spray. With GROHE SPA® hand showers the choice is at your fingertips.Increase the hydrotherapy level and experience three-dimensional showering. Our adjustable side showers can be calibrated: more pressure between your shoulder blades and slightly less for your lower back – your in-shower massage service.

Our unique design distributes the same amount of water to each and every nozzle, resulting in an even spray. So whatever pattern suits your mood – Normal, Champagne spray, Pure, Jet, Rain or Massage – you’re guaranteed that it will be an all-over exhilarating experience.

All our showers incorporate GROHE DreamSpray® technology

This winning formula of quality and innovation creates optimal water distribution for an unparalleled showering experience. As experts in water technology, it is our mission to develop superior showers with outstanding features.

Just like cars, showers have engines too. The exceptional quality, precision and sheer number of internal parts set GROHE showers apart from our competitors.

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